My sister Marleen Padron Mendez Hernandez Fuentes Perez, a pharmacy technician, might have been involved in an illegal and unethical street drugs scheme as part of her teachers’ Psychology program, in which she was mingling with her Florida State University party-school classmates from Tallahassee, Florida all the way through Lakeland, Florida south to the Florida Keys. She was caught speeding by a police officer and was arrested into a jail cell, all while she claimed that the police officer discriminated against her as a short driver. Miss Marleen Padron illegally and unethically threatened me with prosecution against me into me becoming medically ill, with endocrine fatigue, adrenal fatigue, and pancreatic fatigue, into me attempting suicide twice into psychiatric imprisonment and disability. Marleen’s lover is Chris Mendez who sneakily, illegally and unethically places dog kibble foods into hand sanitizers that he and Marleen send as gifts to me and others while he is a detective now working in Internal Affairs, putting dog kibbles sneakily into hand sanitizers of innocent people that he frames in front of Univision Miami and others news outlet channels’ news reporters. They are involved in a drugs scheme. Marleen Padron is NOT an attorney and has not passed any LSAT or Bar examination. She applies malicious and malevolent prosecution as a bullying scheme daring me and others into provocations through her calling us “fags” or “faggots,” then she accuses the persons afterwards. Rowling tricked innocent children and teenagers into reading their own deaths, and Joanne Kathleen Rowling PROFITED from tormenting the kids into downward spirals. TERF women, women who are feminist prosecutors, are forcing boys and men into being transgendered, with the women’s maliciously malevolent prosecution even without legal license starting since childhood.

There is a black-haired Abigail and a silver-haired Audrey; both white women that are mingling with Asian Belgian Chocolate-eater who is a Chicago Cubs Fan and shops at Urban Outfitters in Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas, Palm Beach county in Florida and West Palm Beach, and Quebec, Canada who has natural black Dutch hair but now dyes his hair orange ginger as an Electrician, who has murdered and murders children, old ladies and other people. They are involved in a Ponzie scheme with “Charles Jumper” and the French Socialist AP European History professor in Charles W Flanagan high school and in Marketing at Broward College Online. They are scheming with Leonardo “Lenny” “Lenin” Padron and Rigoberto Bert Padron who work for USPS postal government service for Post Office as supervisor and mailman. They unleash Coronaviruses and COVID19 from China with Vietnamese connections. #CoronavirusOutbreak #Coronavirus #COVID19 #coronavirus They are connected to Budapest in Eastern Europe, Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, and California.

Elizabeth of Mayda Elisa Hernandez Fuentes Rocha Perez’s Miami, Florida kills grown men in her bed, by stabbing the pimp men she sleeps with on her bed. A big possibility. Investigate her white designer sheets? Thundering and Lightning at night. Elizabeth relies on dark ruby red surgical fluid to open the drugged man’s chest. To acquire his heart. The man was intoxicated with alcohol and a sleeping pill she might have provided to him. Maybe. Eleonora Liszjak the Reiki Master as Loni Duek might be acquiring men’s hearts individually at different nights with the dark ruby red surgical fluid to open their chests. Eleonora relies on candles lit for romantic nights.

President Trump and our United States Congress: We must craft Amendments to our United States Constitution that respect and promote (1) Right to Commerce, (2) Right to Industry, (3) Liberty to Industries, (4) Right to Industries, for foods, Healthcares Expansions (i.e. Universal Healthcares that are not forced upon us, but that provide available quality care per Tax Cuts), and for other humanitarian purposes as we are human beings with spirits living with animals and plant life. Our current inclusions of Commerce needs to be reaffirmed. The Amendment(s) need to include the words “Right to Capital” as well as “Right to Industry”. Try tying Education with Commerce, Capitalisms, and Industrialisms, as Unionized public school government teachers are confused as to where their foods and book materials come from. Foods for people on Foods Stamps come from Industries and Commerce. 🙂