Alcoholics and Crack-and-Weed street drugs addicts Sandra Holmes and Whitney Jean Holmes see Psychiatrists for psychiatric medications while addicted to serious Crack and Marijuana, and possibly other street drugs while driving from 3 mph to 130 mph in Florida and elsewhere, are now reporting me and other people to Psychiatrists who want to lock us away to prevent us from speaking out to the Free Press about Whitney Jean Holmes’s and Sandra Holmes’s friendships with Nazi men, KKK men, Confederate men, and French Musician men who slaughter and chainsaw female and male victims from adults to children in their Soundproof homes as Sandra Holmes might have worked as a Real Estate agent, putting on a Press ban on me and other talkers who were psychiatrically diagnosed and destroyed of credibilities and reputations by Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Dr. Svetlana Lana Schwartz and her murderous gang of black-haired and dark-skinned Arabic Muslim Native Amerindian Filipino male gang members who smudge their faces on photos and mirror reflections on us FBI Tippers and DEA Tippers.

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