West New York and other New Jersey Crooked Cops, Miami-Dade Crooked Cop Chris Mendez, Jorge George Vega a Colorado Springs Crooked Cop from Little Ferry, New Jersey, and other Crooked Cops and Detectives are ILLEGALLY SPYING on my iPhone and iPads, my private text messages to my sister Marleen Padron Mendez and my Mother Miriam Marcelina Hernandez Fuentes Luna Padron, warning them about Jessica Prieto to be careful of Jessica Prieto who uses and relies on fingernail filers and tweezers to poke women’s, toddlers’, children’s, teenagers’, and men’s eyes out with after she misses her opportunity in aborting and killing fetuses and embryos. And, for my Mom, to switch to Pearl earrings that are shorter than the dingly-dangly earrings she wears that the Indian killer of Arizona and New Mexico of Pembroke Pines, Florida Mayor Frank C Ortis tries to yank-off ears of her victims with.

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