You know, Ricardo Antonio Rocha, my Miami-Dade criminal cousin, wants me to consume illicit street drugs and I say no, then he wants me to sell illicit street drugs and I say “No!”, wanted my Mother Miriam Padron to throw her 401(k) retirement money away for marijuana business of Old Man Smitty and the Italian Mafia, now has had me handcuffed and locked away in psychiatric prisons as hospitals, and now he wants me to get arrested. Ricardo Rocha got me to hallucinate AND be jailed in hospitals! Get rid of and arrest Old Man Swedish Cocaine Swiss Italian Smitty of New York in Miami, Florida who is getting people who resist his illicit street drugs business arrested by their gang members working as police officers, psychiatrists, and healthcare managers! Ricardo works with foods and tricks people by putting drugs in their foods, deodorants and other hygienic products!

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