Yanelle Janelle, Elisabeth’s daughter, and the mother of Ricardo Antonio Rocha’s private school son, had her Salivas in my mouth at the Sawgrass Mills Dental Office through the dental cleaning, so that I would get sick from the reused pointy needle probes that are used on multiple patients with HIV/AIDS by Dr. Patrick Peter Navarro Green and so that I get scared to go to any Dentists’ offices, causing me to have cracked teeth to look bad in future Court cases. Yanelle Janelle listens to, kisses up to, and informs to Josh Crowley of Hollywood, Florida who causes Dental patients to get scared of going to Dentists’ offices, to then have cracked teeth in Court cases, to then get murdered by him. Ricardo Rocha scares people from going to the Dentists’ offices, causing patients in future Court cases to suffer from cracked teeth. My Mother Miriam Padron, father Rigoberto Bert Padron and grandmother Neida Luisa Fuentes had to pay and were forced to pay for Ricardo Antonio Rocha’s brat son’s private schooling, while I don’t have kids of my own, Ricardo plays with me sexually, Ricardo sells street drugs, and I need bionic eyes that cost $150,000 each from diabetes hormonally caused by Ricardo Rocha. Ricardo Rocha, Mayda Elisa Hernandez Fuentes Rocha Perez, Elisabeth Unknown Last Name, and Yanelle Janelle owe me over $1 million in damages.

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