Yvette Ortiz with yellow brown hair and tan brown skin, from Little Ferry, New Jersey, related genetically and mafialistically to Pembroke Pines Mayor Frank C Ortis, might be teaming with Jorge George Vega and Arizona New Mexico hit woman who is similar to Angie Martinez in looks who eats sunflower seeds and chickpeas, might be killing, stabbing and eating toddlers, children, mothers, middle-age mothers, grandmothers, and babies, and is involved in a gang and kult. Matthew Matt Egizi is or was her crime ring leader from Little Ferry, New Jersey, with his cousins or other relatives and pals in Colorado Springs, Colorado healthcare, in Arizona and New Mexico, and South Florida to form a Drug Triangle with Rebecca Wright Rosillo who has a husband and that hung or hangs around in sewer systems with bodies disposed of in canals. My ex-father Rigoberto Bert Padron a postal government worker and retiree of USPS might have asked a hit job to Pembroke Pines Mayor Frank C Ortis, Yvette Ortiz and Arizona New Mexico thin Angie Martinez female hitwoman and her obese sister on my innocent Mother Miriam Marcelina Hernandez Fuentes Luna [Padron] to steal her bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies while my Mother Miriam and I love in Pembroke Pines, Florida under Mayor Frank C Ortis. Rigoberto Bert Padron may not be my real biological father, so he might be holding me hostage to him instead of letting me go to a possible actual biological father of mine who is a White skin Puerto Rican who might be in dirty dealings with these Crooks from Yvette Ortiz to Mayor Frank C Ortis to Angie Martinez to Maria Padron.

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