There is a woman and a man from the Middle East Arabic Muslim Jordan regions who live in 9820 Sheridan Street Apt. 106 in Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024 who are interacting with each other through suspicious text messaging and walking out of their apartment at night knowing I am on my way walking into my apartment. The male Muslim walked out at night. The female Muslim text messages on her patio. They might be connected to a Shawn or Sean from Model United Nations Conferences from University of Centtal Florida in Atlanta, Georgia in 2005 November time period to San Francisco, California in 2006 Winter-Spring months who socially connected with Christopher Andrew Drew Leinonen prior to Andrew Leinonen’s death at Pulse Night Club. Shawn the Muslim seduces younger males and females with alcoholic drinks. Two Osama Bin Laden looking men possibly in their 20s to 30s who might have been English Honors teacher Mary Brown’s students from Charles W Flanagan High School stalked me at Larkin Mental Behavioral Psychiatric Mini Hospital in Hollywood, Florida days after I was admitted by which the two that look like brothers were admitted into my dormitory unit. A judge court-ordered me to be stalked by the Dutch French Mafia Gang of Larkin Psychiatric Hospital to be under their observation and their Muslim terrorists’ observations. Endocrinology Medical Doctor Dr. Rajesh Garg of University of Miami U-Health might have been sending his nephews, sons and other younger male relatives to stalk me in Lakes at Pembroke parking lot near where I live. Also, I have been a victim of a SERIES of Cyber Hackings in which my dead guy lover Drew Leinonen is alive in my dreams through computer animating and movie making done by the terrorists. In addition to this, the Dutch-Iranians that look like Penguins with black hair, black pointy shoes, and eye glasses with pointy French noses are two men, one younger than the other who looks like he’s going out on a Picnic with his grandmother from Missouri and Ozarks, and the other known as the French Marketing Professor of Broward College who was AP European History teacher at Charles W Flanagan high school with his Martini and Chateau are causing bioterrorism to occur as they study and work in United States colleges and universities, travel around the world with French-presidential-looking Passports and other bullshit. The Dutch-Iranians might have caused and created the Coronavirus COVID19 Bat virus making Batman jokes, Robin jokes, Corona jokes, Queen jokes, and Darth Vader jokes in Chinese laboratory when spreading the disease. Their Belgian ancestors from Iran created AIDS in Africa as Scientists.

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