Police Officer Christopher Charles Horst from Little Ferry, New Jersey; Pennsylvania; Virginia; and South Carolina bakes humans in Ovens and has a lookalike male relative with golden hair bake humans in Pizza Ovens. The Retired Police Officers, Police Officers and Ex-Cops from South New Jersey who are German with black hair and black shaved beard who wear Black Raincoats bake children, teenagers, the medically sick, the disabled, and mothers in Pizza Ovens and eat Ginger roots from stews and soups. One of their names or sons’ names is Stew as in Stewart or Stewie. The South New Jersey Police Officers are Jets fans and Dallas Cowboys fans. The Ex-Cops use handcuffs on their kidnapped victims at hockey games in stadiums and arenas during games, and then pretend that the kidnapped child, teenager and adult are getting arrested in public and through backdoors. Former West New York Police Officer Detective Alex Al Oriente of Little Ferry, New Jersey has handcuffed kidnapped victims and has taken kidnapped victims through backdoors at night. The South New Jersey Ex-Cops have and use Dobermans, Rottweilers, Great Danes, and German Shepards as big dogs that scare kidnapped children, teenagers and mothers into staying inside the Ex-Cops’ homes. Sometimes these dogs eat humans.

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