If United States Businesses and Governments cannot hire Kids younger than age 14 to work for 8 hours each day, then how about 3 hours per day after school and on weekends, and they get payed playing baseball little leagues, softball, soccer, hockey, and other sports like karate for $3 per hour at least? Too many Dads collecting their coaching salaries and umpire salaries and not giving salaries to their starving sons in freezing weather. The Federal Minimum Wage in USA is approximately a little over $7 per hour, so because baseball little leagues, softball, soccer, hockey, karate, and other sports games don’t typically pay children younger than age 14 any living wage, $3 per hour can be a good start and at least something. $7 per hour for Kids is also good, and $15 is even better. However, 3 work hours per work day can be Great for our businesses and governments to hire kids younger than age 14, teenagers, disabled adults, and the retired elderly. I guarantee our USA and other international countries will likely raise their Gross National Products substantially if children, teenagers, the disabled, and the retired elderly who work 0 hours per year can finally be allowed to work 3 hours at least and more per day. China has their Chinese children as child laborers steering ferry boats and other job tasks in their workforce. The United States must return to child labor for a minimum of 3 work hours per work day and longer in order for children to be better prepared financially in case they file for disability at younger ages or file for unemployment insurance benefits at young adulthoods.

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