In China, India, Southeast Asia, and Japan many Asian peoples work at their factories, warehouses, restaurants, and marketplaces to then meditate their Zen Buddhist meditations and chakra healing meditations every day or almost every day after their work shifts. Here in the United States, we have Church on Sundays. For sick people and the disabled who need to heal to get back to work and provide wisdom from Nature, we must create more spiritual parks that we can pay-as-we-go and feel safe meditating, as well as allow the disabled to work 3 hours per day minimum and longer if their health allows it. Then after work hours, the disabled can meditate or take their anti-anxiety medications that cause them to sleep. At least we have at least 40% to 100% of US Underemployed Disabled working the minimum of 3 hours per day than 100% of Underemployed Disabled working 0 hours per day and 0 hours per year. We have many law enforcement officers locking away FBI Tippers and DEA Tippers who don’t get paid at all. Fix this by paying FBI and DEA Tippers $3 per Tip or more. We must keep ourselves Safe to meditate, heal and work for more foods, more toilets, more air conditioners, more boiler rooms, more marvelous houses, more healthcares, and more luxuries. Luxurious apartments with 3 toilets, 4 sinks and 3 showers should be necessities and considered as Basic Services like it was in Florida before the New Yorkers and New Jerseyians invaded Florida. Tax Cuts make things lower-priced.

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