I agree with Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene that we need Tax Cuts Everywhere so that we all have non-cannibalistic foods to eat, Free Universal Capitalist Industrialist Commercial Corporate Healthcares, and all affordable Luxurious Housing for Everyone! Although I don’t feel safe around her, I do try to sympathize for her as her Strikes and launch for Tax Cuts will greatly benefit me and all of us. After all, she and former Republican United States George W Bush speak up for “More Freedoms” and Republican President Abraham Lincoln freed the Slaves by keeping taxes low so that people could earn wages working instead of working as slaves. So in order for the Minimum Wage to go up as high as $15 per hour, we need to Cut Taxes HUGELY! Our Rich investors and Venture Capitalists still invest in us humans, and profit-making from more people lured more business leaders to invest in more Blacks and create integrations to buy products like TVs, watch Oprah Winfrey on TV, create social interactions in Capital markets where we learn more from each others’ cultural upbringings to create more products and services to sell and profit from, and so much more!

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