If Social Security Administration pays Supplemental Security Income towards all SSI recipients’ mortgages who suffer from diseases, are blind and handicap, and are young and retired elderly, then there comes a time when the SSI pays off their mortgages and SSI can then save money by ending their assistances if mortgages have been paid off, saving tax-payers billions of dollars.​ Right now, we have SSI in our United States paying ENDLESSLY to Lazy Landlords and Landladies, costing tax-payers billions of dollars and holding our disabled and our hardworking family members HOSTAGE! The SSI recipients who are disabled, young and retired elderly who choose to have their own children can pass on their SSI-payed condos and homes as untaxable inheritances to their disabled biological children without asking for SSI for their disabled children, because mortgages would be paid off. This means that with Equities built for SSI disabled and retired elderly, more people will rely less on Government tax dollars by rising out of poverty in a matter of one and more generations whereby medically ill and mentally ill generations of people who pass on their genes with diseases and disabilities will rely less on Government tax dollars. For instance, Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers that are Rent Subsidies for SSI disabled and retired elderly can also be Mortgage Subsidies and Downpayment Subsidies that build-up prior to condo, townhome and home purchases that the disabled and retired elderly can either own individually or co-own with their parents, spouses and other trusted family members and friends. This way, the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher lasts for only 30 years maximum depending on mortgage contracts, saving millions and billions of tax-payers’ dollars in Government. So the Section 8 Mortgage Subsidies would pay-off condo, townhome and home mortgages, saving at least 10 years in paying for Rent, as the Equities can then be passed-on to disabled children as inheritances so that the disabled children do not have to rely on Mortgage Subsidies since the mortgages have been paid off. So, in the Future, there would be way less people relying on Section 8 Housing Subsidies.

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