People should choose on whether they want to reduce their Social Security contributions by lowering their monthly Social Security tax rate if they need to pay for food, for their own copays and health insurance premiums, pay-off a home or condo mortgage for a better Retirement, to buy food and groceries for their kids, and to pay-down debts in order to survive here and Now, Today. It is better to stay alive Today than it is to die paying for a Social Security that never arrives because it collected too much. Treat Social Security like 401(k) Retirement plans and Roth IRAs by flexibly choosing to reduce (or increase) tax rates. However, it’s much smarter to reduce Social Security tax rates to pay-off healthcare costs to stay alive Today and hereafter, as well as pay-off condo or home mortgage ahead of time to eliminate interest accumulation and live almost for Free without Rent or mortgage in the future.

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