I guarantee Everyone that I can get a lot of Democratic votes in Congress to lower Capital Gains tax rates, Corporate tax rates, Manufacturing tax rates, and all other tax rates by selling Speeches on how Tax Cuts create more lower-taxed businesses, lower-taxed manufacturers, lower-taxed stocks from new companies, and lower-taxed bonds from new companies, as well as lower foods prices for Foods Stamps programs to lower government deficits including interest accumulation reductions, lower medical prices for both Medicaid and Medicare programs and thus save millions and billions of dollars for tax-payers and Government, and boost corporate profits in higher proportions in which tax-percentage-rate cuts that reduce tax amounts will likely bounce tax amounts slightly upwards based on higher portions of corporate earnings. Lower taxes will also create more 3-hour-per-day job shifts for United States Disabled job applicants, increase wages by supporting higher Minimum Wages up to $15 per hour, lower foods prices, lower copays, lower health insurance premiums, create more jobs, and lower gas prices!

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