I advise All Night Club Goers, including Pulse Gay Night Club Customers and Goers, and All Gay and Lesbian Night Club Goers to purchase Bullet-Proof Vests and Bullet-Proof Transparent Helmets with Bullet-Proof Transparent Facial Masks Sold at all Night Clubs, all Walmarts, on Amazon.com, Old Navy, gas stations, and as many other businesses as possible! Drew Leinonen could have been wearing a Bullet-Proof Vest at least while dancing in Pulse Night Club and still stay alive! Low prices and Best Quality for at least $20 each Bullet-Proof Vest instead of $500 each like in Safe Life Defense website, which currently sells Bullet-Proof Vests at $499 each! Cut Taxes and create more creative business competitions in Capital markets so that prices go down and lots of the Bullet-Proof Vests are made available at millions of stores!

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