Do you know that Ashley Hernandez in beige high heels of Josephine Fify Viera’s sees Ronaldo’s dark-skinned Nicaraguan father of Boca Raton, Florida oozing-out fluid from a baby bottle to get people like me to masturbate from far away and then he shoots me in the head on his bed within Soundproof walls? He has murdered adults, college students, high school students, university students, teenagers, and children? His dark-skinned thin male relative works with White Obese Bald Head Man who looks like Julio Hurtado from Memorial Healthcare Clinic on Pembroke Rd in Ambulance Transporter van commuting patients to Larkin and other Memorial Hospitals, as unwell as Dania Beach Park at night to bury victims. Ronaldo’s Nicaraguan father plays police officer Siren noises from his bedroom and other fake noises and sounds, and also has background wallpapers for photoshoots of missing victims and missing people. Julia Chia, Florida Atlantic University, Broward College and Broward Community College student, knows Ronaldo and his father, and it is possible that Julia Chia participates with Ronaldo and his father in both Broward and Palm Beach counties in removing eyeballs of children, teenagers and adult victims, to then bandage eyes, foreheads and heads with white bandaging cloths, to ask victims to paint a Picture for them each while there are multiple fans on as fan stands in large living room and recreation room filled with sleeping bags and coats with a shrunken body or multiple shrunken, bandaged bodies of children, teenagers and adults with bandaged eyes and amputated arms, legs, hands, and feet stuck in the Ruffles. Ronaldo’s Nicaraguan father is a Marxist Communist with black hair.

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