Memorial Healthcare Systems and their health administrators and other employees are trying to have me, a mentally ill healthcare patient, killed, by orchestrating and organizing a yellow-haired tall White man with his hair in a bun, torn blue jeans, tattoo on his left top arm, and black-haired and bearded obese White skin male accomplice to be in the same waiting room as Memorial Healthcare Systems scheduled me in at the same timeframe, so that this yellow-hair man with a bun who might go by the name of Matthew Rodriguez as a fake name targets me as his future homicidal victim. Memorial Healthcare System invites a lot of shady killers into this waiting room where the State of Florida has me forced to go to their Hollywood, Florida location and Henderson of the French Mafia and Gang of me to choose from. Also, Duo Lingo is finding sneaky ways in my foreign language learning to communicate with this Matthew Rodriguez Kult member by he and I learning new words together like “small,” “pequeno” and “pequena.” Get me out of there! This Memorial Behavioral waiting room, Larkin and Henderson might be places where they are recruiting centers trying to recruit me into gangs, cults/kults, terrorist organizations, terrorist cells, terrorist networks, Mafias, and other organized crime.

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