Ricardo Antonio Rocha stole my house that my parents owned and my health by doing Vudu on me, and has been reading, writing and speaking in Portuguese and Chinese to his gang members behind my back. Ricardo visited my parents’ house like he was Prince of Bel-Air, telling me the diabetic who was pricking his fingers six times a day for over 20 years, that I am Lucky. Ricardo Rocha race-drives in speeding fast with his cars and can cause cars to flip-over! Ricardo Rocha and Mayda Elisa Hernandez Fuentes Rocha Perez were in my mother’s Lakeland house when my Gay Godfather Guru Julio Hurtado erected inside my body, causing me, my mother, my sister, and my grandmother to lose that house, too! Ricardo Rocha causes cars and their human drivers to flip over and doesn’t get caught while he drives passed people’s cars! Chris Mendez, a Miami-Dade Highway Patrol Police Officer, might be causing cars and the human drivers to flip over and not get caught!

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