My Psychiatrists, my Mother Miriam Marcelina Hernandez Fuentes Luna Padron and ex-father Rigoberto Bert Padron are forcing me to suffer from abnormally low testosterone hormone levels from my blood work after Rigoberto and his Unkle Sunday Domingo Padron squeezed and cracked my testicles hard when I was a toddler and little kid, to cause me diabetes and thyroid illness, after my reproductive organs that were damaged did the Rigoberto Baseball Diamond System Attack on my Endocrine system and other hormones such as dopamine that affect and impact my mental health, to cause me not to help my Mother carry groceries up the stairs and show my schizophrenia (please change the name schizophrenia to something else for non-discrimination and non-bigotry Civil Rights reasons), so that they then accuse me of being Abusive for not helping my mother with groceries, calling me an actual disabled person with multiple hormonal illnesses lazy.​

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