My ex-father Rigoberto Bert Padron and Buddhist grandfather Abuelo Rigo Sylvester Padron were going to kick me out of our home if they discovered that I was Gay, and so when my ex-father was causing emotional disturbance on my Mother Miriam Marcelina Hernandez Fuentes Luna Padron who wanted a Divorce from my ex-father, I called for the Divorce so that I could keep living at home with my Mother, Grandmother and Sister, instead of my father and grandfather trying to kill me out of fear of AIDS. I also need a separate condominium with more than one bathroom (in case a toilet has plumbing issues) of my own to meditate my Zen Buddhist meditations and Hindu Yogi chakra healing meditations up North in Cool and Windy New Jersey for my own health and well-being, and so I called for the Divorce because my father Bert Padron invited too many people to our house and turned our Hot and Dry South Florida House into a Ballpark. Most women in the United States of Latin America and Asia drink and eat Hot Spices to cause me disease and illnesses, raising my blood pressure to kill my diabetic kidneys, so I had to be Gay and Zen Buddhist to Cool Off.

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