Marleen Padron Mendez, Neida Luisa Fuentes, Mayda Elisa Hernandez Fuentes Rocha Perez, Certified Public Accountant Josephine Fifi Viera, Elba Lopez with short boyish guyish haircut for over 30 years, Nenita Maria Conchita Garcia Medina, Grace Lopez, Jen Sladek (Jennifer Lynn Sladek), and Miriam Marcelina Hernandez Fuentes Luna Padron are transexuals and transvestites who wear Old Spice for Men and Arm and Hammer, among other male hygienic products and clothes of men, to bully, talk down to and abuse their son Derek Hernandez Fuentes Luna Padron suffering from low testosterone and other guys, boys, girls, the elderly, the disabled, infants, and women with low testosterone and high estrogen who are forced by them to wear Herbal Essences, Secret, Dove, and other feminine hygienic products that they openly provide. Women who wear men’s products and abuse men, boys, women, girls, the elderly, and the disabled must be drafted into the Militaries. Women should not be permitted to accuse men, boys, girls, and other women in Courts of slapping them across the face or pushing them away if these women are (1) wearing men’s testosterone and adrenaline boosting products and (2) are concealing their identities and disguising their Criminal motives with ever-changing facial makeups and hair colour changes while men and boys cannot during War on Terror Era.

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