Leonardo Padron, Jose Emilio Fuentes and Julio Hurtado are three gay pedophiles who hunt little kids and rape boys and guys, and are three buddies and best gay pals with each other. Leonardo Padron has secret chats on the phone lines with Dutch men who kidnap, kill and eat girls and boys. The Dutch men are from Chicago, Illinois; Lexington, Kentucky and Little Rock, Arkansas. Some of the Dutch men work for Larkin Psychiatric Prison in Hollywood, Florida to silence FBI tippers and DEA tippers who are turned into patients. The Dutch men are Truckers who park inside Warehouses at night with kidnapped kids inside pickup trucks AND inside huge trucks like the ones that deliver Walmart products to Walmart stores. I see Hess Trucks and Hess gas stations in Montana and other neighboring states to Montana at night with missing girls and teenagers drugged with Benadryl. There are two Ambulance transporters who work in carrying and transporting patients from Memorial Hospital at Pembroke Road in Pembroke Pines, Florida to Hollywood, Florida Larkin Psychiatric Prison who blast the songs “Eye of the Tiger,” “Jessie Has A Girl,” and “Hungry Like A Wolf,” where this bald white round man who salivates hungrily and a dark tan thin young man stab woman patient and other patients from behind by surprise to inject a sedative, driving the Ambulance transport van far beyond Hollywood, Florida to the Hollywood area Beaches to then bury her body and on other nights, other patients’ bodies in sand or dirt. These two men from Pembroke Road are Cannibals who blast 80s music almost every night they ride a patient from one clinic to another clinic. A Broward County Judge court-ordered me to go to Larkin Psychiatric Center with Broward Sheriff’s Officers with guns breaking into my apartment with dogs to scare the Christ out of me, and to handcuff me, withdraw all of my antidepressants and mood stabilizers overnight, and to have me go in that van with that scary white man and scary tan young man so that I end up like that missing woman and the other missing healthcare patients. The corrupt Crooked Broward County Judge had me transported from Pembroke Road to Hollywood, Florida one night as a scare tactic and as a “meet-and-greet” so that the pedophiles, serial killers and French and Dutch Marxist Socialist Communist Cannibals get to know me, see my face, spy on me through cameras as employees work for the French Communist Socialist Marxist Mafia, and eat in the Cafeteria with me to study me and try to harm me.

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