One of the things that I like about George W Bush, Ben Bernanke and their Capitalist Team is that they are Correct when they say we need more competitions in our markets, including more competitive forces in the police force. We need more than one police group in every American county competing against each other for cash, which will hold Everyone accountable and create an environment in which police officers will turn each other in for more cash earnings to do the correct jobs in working with prosecutors to investigate and charge abusive police officers like in George Floyd vs Derek Chauvin case. Tax Cuts create more choices in our police force, creating more colours in our police forces, lower foods prices, create more choices in foods, and create Free Universal Healthcares with more hospitals and clinics to choose from. If only Blacks can join the Libertarian Party to legalize their marijuanas and cut taxes for more foods for themselves, the Blacks and the rest of us wouldn’t be stuck with the same police uniform.

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