My Mother Miriam Marcelina Padron Hernandez Fuentes Luna is a Healthcare Communist and Communist Nurse who, with Broward Sheriff’s Office and Larkin Mental Psych Rehab, Colorado Springs Paramedics, and Memorial Healthcare Systems, continues to send me to Psych Prison as punishment for me attempting suicide and not working after they forced me for 20 years to prick my fingers with needles into bleeding six times each day for 20 years while paying medical doctors over $500,000 yearly and not biologists who could cure Diabetes and create blood pressure arm straps to check blood sugars instead, forcing me to meet with Communist French Marxist Gangs as Nurses, security guards and as other patients from Chicago, Illinois, forcing me to become a Communist. The Police departments in USA are over policing me for attempting suicide because overly paid medical doctors keep increasing my thyroid medicine. My Cuban-American Hernandez Fuentes Padron Luna family kicked me out and locked me away in Psychiatric Prison for me not committing crimes while my man cousin Ricardo Rocha continues to commit crimes and collaborate with Marxist Chicago Gang members to imprison me in Larkin Psych Prison, forcing me to leave Capitalist Society despite me being a Libertarian and causing me to join the Communists.

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