Ricardo Antonio Rocha, my man cousin, would break into my bedroom SHIRTLESS in his boxers and watch my TV in my bedroom, YEARS before he impregnated Melanie Unknown Last Name who went to my apartment to know my last name, and YEARS before their daughter Isabella Rocha was born, causing me to no longer be heterosexually Straight with women and causing me to become homosexually Gay with men! Ricardo Antonio Rocha would break into my bedroom in another house I lived in to wrestle with me SHIRTLESS, preventing me from having my own children reproductively without the mother of my children! Now Melanie who refuses to financially support my man cousin Ricardo Antonio Rocha and who refuses to provide food and housing for my man cousin Ricardo Rocha is jealous and envious that I finally said Yes to financially support my man cousin Ricardo in a homosexual companionship, wishing and hoping that he and I would die from HIV/AIDS for not having sex with her! I would like to be in a Safe, Rrrrómántic homosexual companionship with my man cousin Ricardo Rocha and financially support him with Ricardo and I living together happily with foods instead of risking AIDS with male strangers who I would financially support. Ricardo Antonio Rocha started the touching. Oh, and Be CAREFUL EVERYONE: Ricardo Antonio Rocha is trying to get me arrested and jailed after he has touched my nipples and snapped at my crotch thousands of times already for homewrecking crimes, citing that his daughter Isabella Rocha who he is training to be a prostitute, suffers from homewreckage when Ricardo could have married Isabella’s mother Melanie and stopped touching me in my mother’s, father’s and grandmother’s homes, but never stopped touching me.

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