Grace Lopez and Elba Lopez of West New York, New Jersey are accusing me, Derek Padron Hernandez Fuentes Luna, a gay man who pricks his fingers six times each and every day for the last 20 years, who could go blind like Bill Cosby from diabetes and who has never had sex with a woman, of raping them when I was age 4, disguising their Criminal motives with ever-changing facial makeups, for the last 33 years. I was forced and manipulated by Facebook*s Mark Zuckerberg to give my respects to dead former grave robber and US Marine Tommy Lopez, but then I am getting feminist rape complaints from Elba Lopez. I totally regret socializing with those people from New Jersey. Honestly, I miss the Cold Wind from New Jersey but not the people of New Jersey and New York. Grace Lopez is getting GOOD SEX from her big Latino husband, a garbage collector, while my sister Marleen Padron Mendez, gets GOOD DAMN SEX from her Cop fiance with their Guns on Display in their townhome and in my former apartment, and Marleen still claims I, the disabled diabetic with no gun rights, have been raping her when I am her ugly weakling brother while she gets to own her Guns and have her Cop man lover fuck her big….

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