Mom, I had agreed in social contracts with my doctors including Svetlana that I would continue taking high Synthroid at 100 mcg per day as long as I have Lamictal at at least 200 mg per day, Buspirone at 30 mg per day, and other medications. But that is not the case anymore. Any day from any year, from 2009 to 2021 to beyond, the Cops with Guns such as the Broward Sheriff’s Office Department on Monday, April 5th 2021 can take away my Lamictal and leave me high as a Kite on Synthroid without my Lamictal by storming into my apartment with their machine guns and grenades pointing at me and forcing me, a disabled diabetic, to be handcuffed into copless green SUVs where cops drive in to abduct disabled peoples like myself. So I now must split Synthroid in halves. I cannot take Synthroid without my moods-stabilizing and mood-enhancing Lamictal and without my anti-anxiety Buspirone, which Broward Sheriff’s Department and Larkin Mental Rehabilitation Center both wiped me out of while increasing my Synthroid hormones dangerously high on me, my family, vulnerable healthcare patients, vulnerable nurses, and other healthcare staff members.

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