Socialist Treasury Secretary Yellen is a Cannibal ready to eat at innocent starving children in Chicago, Illinois and New York! She is mentally retarded and calls for destroying our foods industries by raising taxes that destroy our foods markets and healthcares industries! Tax Cuts create more foods companies supporting us humans than One Government alone in trillions of dollars in debts. Socialist Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is therefore a War Criminal and Terrorist holding our children hostage to her mental insanities! These are Crimes against humanity and human rights violations against innocent starving children, their terrified mothers and fathers, us disabled human beings who can get hired for 3 hours per work day, our retired elderly, and all of us humans! Take Yellen to the International Criminal Courts and Human Rights Council for crimes against humanity and human rights violations! The Aliens possessing the Democrats will then launch an assault on all of us humans with their World War and nuke another two cities possibly in Latin America and in Asia!

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