There is a Socialist Poppa known as a Socialist Belgian French Dark Warlock and Slave Owner of children who he and other women witches and men have surgically removed the missing and kidnapped children’s throats and tongues, held in white French vanilla chains and with keys as he with white pale skin and black hair and black beard of Quebec, Canada locks his apartment door while the kidnapped and missing girl is chained to him and his other multiple keys. This Belgian Cannibal is probably of Mexican ancestry and sings his 1980s song “My Sharona” and Freddie Mercury music of Queen the Rock band. Peggy the female brown thick bushy-haired obese woman secretary at Memorial Healthcare Systems’ Mental and Behavioral Wellness Center of Dutch Hollywood, Florida with Dr. Svetlana Lana Schwartz and Dr. Rolando Santos has removed throats and tongues of missing, kidnapped and drugged kids; missing, kidnapped and drugged teenagers; and missing, kidnapped and drugged adults including sick healthcare patients, as Peggy captures victims with the help from Health Service Administrator Jennifer Riley and Mary Brown, the Swedish-Scottish-Dutch English teacher of Charles W Flanagan high school who goes to Davie, Florida’s Barnes and Noble bookstore.

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