According to music band Hot Chelle Ray in “Tonight Tonight” on my iTunes from my iPhone alarm clock, Andrew Leinonen as in Christopher Andrew “Drew” Leinonen might have been the Japanese who shot another Japanese guy by four bullet shots, from behind and in the front, and faked his Death along with his man lover Juan as in Juan like my Gay Godfather Guru Julio Hurtado’s bisexual man lover Juan Martin of New Jersey with skulls, but Andrew Leinonen and his Juan Ramos are of Orlando, Florida in a killing spree after faking their deaths, showing up to their former lovers and former friends in surprise killings at nights or daytimes, as a Tom Riddle with his guy lovers making surprise appearances after Tom Riddle known as Dark wizard Lord Voldemort was revived from the Dead by a Wormtail known as Peter Pettigrew, a pedophile similar to Julio Hurtado also known as Gábriél Básúrtó.

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