There are at least Two Obese White-Skinned Turkey Face Men – one in Colorado Springs at Citizens Center in the year 2016 who is a hitman trying to strangle me at the Cafeteria sizing my height from at a distance and in a Texas airport restroom – the other an Albany, New York Politician with French Quebec, Canada Socialist Little Nick who was in front of Saint Laurent store in Vancouver, Canada who knows of all the innocent kidnapped captured children to be eaten by men who work in Fashion and Acting industries from Chinese children, White Canadian-American Nordic, Danish and Scandinavian children, and other children through seaports to Vancouver, O’Canada and Seattle, Washington, of Socialist New York Mayor Bill De Blasio – who had involvements in plotting the Evergreen ship clogging on purpose terrorism in the Suez Canal in Egypt, and also hostage strikes against luxury Cruise ships and Cruiselines by pirates to rob monies from Cruiselines! Both Turkey men look like MBA Certified Public Accountant Josephine Fifi Viera’s deceased father who allegedly suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

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