Tax Cuts and for my future Lifelong Partner and I to create Our Global Business Empire Together! Tax Cuts create more foods for us humans and for our pets, create more laboratories curing and vaccinating us humans and our pets from HIV/AIDS and all other dis-eases and illnesses at much faster rates, and can create Free Limitlessly Unlimited Universal Capitalist Industrialist Commercial Corporate Healthcares for All from more businesses supporting us humans, sending much larger Stimulus checks at more frequently repetitive rates, lower foods prices, create $15 per hour Minimum Wages and much higher incomes, hire more of us into more jobs, and creating Universal Capitalistic Basic Incomes outstretched with many branches, arms and legs reaching to many, many people than One Government alone in trillions of dollars in debts! But Conservative Republican Communists have not said this and have REFUSED to say this in Campaign trails and in Debates under John Boehner and Mitch McConnell Communism! Republicans don’t know how to Market their brand!

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