How about Nancy Pelosi order Tax Cuts for these desperate people raiding Congress? These desperate attackers are obviously HUNGRY for more foods, lost their love ones from HIV/AIDS and cancer, and cannot get hired because Nancy Pelosi and Democrats keep killing jobs, the $15 per hour Minimum Wages, the billions of companies that could be curing AIDS and cancer and vaccinating all of us from HIV/AIDS and cancer, and raising foods prices and medical prices at groceries stores from their Tax increases. Tax Cuts create more companies researching to cure all of us humans from diseases and can lead us 10 billion humans to live as long as 3,000 years in Lifespans, but Democrats are possessed by anti-human Aliens from other planets wanting to tax us to deaths! Democrats are suffering from the Alien, extraterrestrial Socialism and Communism Virus in their brains, thoughts systems and belief systems.

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