I would need to RETIRE of age and be at least 67 years old in order to work Full-Time with disabilities because of workplace discriminations against US Disabled; gangs, drug lords, and warlords in the workplaces as coworkers, supervisors and managers discriminating against US Disabled; no legal representations nor jobs security for US Disabled willing to work because Republican Conservative Communists banned our Labor Unions; and because Medicare, Foods Stamps and SSI would be made available Unconditionally if we fall back without our jobs! Make Social Safety Nets like Medicaid, Medicare, Foods Stamps, SSI, Property Taxlessness and Property Tax Removals for US Disabled, and Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers available Unconditionally for US Disabled with Lifelong diseases willing to work beyond Half-Time so that at least more of US Disabled produce more for Gross National Products and for GDPs in US while paying some taxes back! From age 14 to age 105.

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