A gasoline tax to fund the $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill instead of raising taxes on Corporations, as the US Chamber of Commerce has suggested, could lower demands for Oil and Gasoline and reduce global warming carbon emissions, but we would be stuck with higher Amazon prices and higher Walmart prices as most deliveries would have to pay higher gasoline tax. But higher gasoline tax would shift demands towards more electric cars and hybrid cars from Tesla (which I don’t recommend, because of Crazy Elon Musk’s incessant Space Ship Explosions). But electric cars would still rely on high-carbon Coal power plants and limited Natural Gas with higher prices on Natural Gas power plants. Oil power plants would then have to pollute more carbon greenhouse emissions to fuel electric cars. And hydrogen and nuclear power plants exploding and leaking could be another 9/11 terrorist attack. And, the Conservative Communist Republicans and former Florida Republican Conservative Communist Governor Rick Scott of Republican-controlled Florida have banned me from ever saying the words “Solar Panels” and “Solar Power Plants.” Oh, and Wind Turbines and Wind Power Plants. Florida is the Sunshine State and US Floridians have very little Solar panels and Solar power plants for homes, apartment buildings and for Florida Power and Light FPL Monopoly company to fuel us Floridians with Solar Energy in Sunny Florida. Cloudy and Rainy New Jersey might build way more Solar panels than Sunny Florida. Really. But New Jerseyians suffer from powerful Wind Chills that Wind turbines are more suitable for New Jerseyians and New Yorkers, but when will they ever explain on CNN, CNBC and Fox News that Tax Cuts can fund Solar, Wind, roads, highways, high speed monorails, and bridges? Republicans keep their mouthes shut while Democrats do all the talking, lecturing and presentations to the American public and voters and then Republicans shout “No!” and then wait for the next Tax Cuts after Democrats win White House after Trump loses to bitch and moan.

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