Yes, It’s True. I have been receiving and getting Wifi frequencies from the Futures, including from my living sister Marleen Padron Mendez in my four-year apartment that I have been stuck-in because of High Rents and Coronavirus. Marleen is using and relying on Apple, Inc.’s iPhones’ and iPads’​ body detection systems to see me through a holographic visual of me and her, despite my sister Marleen not knowing of this in our present from her fiance’s townhome in Weston, Florida where she lives. So us and our family and friends from Our Future can warn us and have been warning us of Nuclear holocaust from Staten Island to Des Moines, Iowa to San Francisco, California train heading West to cause coastal levees including the future levee in San Francisco to crack and break, creating a Tide into San Francisco – AND – Glaciers in Washington State Mountains to melt and flood homes and commercial businesses downward…. Meanwhile my Psychiatrists, Nurses and their Police Officers would have already locked me away into Hospitals to try to prevent me from speaking up and sharing my experiences and mental-computer-phone-wireless datas…. And I am currently banned by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his Socialists from sharing this actual News to Univision Miami News, New York Post, FBI, South Florida Sun Sentinel, Fox News, and other News and law enforcement channels because I warned our Newspaper readers and News channel viewers that my ex-father Rigoberto Bert Padron is a straight pedophile teaming with Gay Godfather Guru and pedophile, cannibal and serial killer high school friend of his, Julio Hurtado, in converting gay boys into being pedophiles.

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