The BEST WAY for Republican Liberal Progressive Capitalists to create a $6 Trillion+ Infrastructure Set of Projects, including for Coast Levees, Roads and Bridges is to Cut Taxes for All Corporations, All Businesses, All Manufacturers, All Capital Gains Investments, and All Dividends Earnings as there are more businesses supporting us humans than One Government that is in trillions of dollars in debts! Tax Cuts also lower foods prices, medical prices, housing prices – and – increase wages, including creating the $15 per hour Minimum Wages and creating more jobs! Remove the Conservatism in the Republican Party and Libertarian Party in order for us Liberal Progressive Capitalists to speak our minds and educate the masses of vulnerable peoples! Tax rates on All Corporations, Small Businesses, Manufacturers, Capital Gains, Dividends, Earned Incomes, Social Securities, Medicares, Unemployment insurances, and Passive Incomes must be at 0.00% and 0.01%!

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