As a Disabled man with multiple illnesses, I really want to Work Full-Time when I reach after our Retirement Age (if my illnesses allow for this to happen), because in case I get fired from anti-Derek discriminations, personal discriminations, anti-sick discriminations and prejudices from Republican Conservative Kult members, by Democratic gangs and by Socialist warlords with wizarding puppeting powes including Voodoo, lack of Labor Unions and from lack of Tax Cuts, as a Retired Old Man, I would be eligible for Lifetime Medicare, Foods Stamps and Supplemental Security Income, in case I file for unemployment benefits but my unemployment benefits would run-out. Please make Lifelong Medicaid, Lifelong Foods Stamps, Lifelong SSI, Lifelong Medicare, and Lifelong Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers for permanently Lifelong Disabled, permanently Lifelong diseased peoples such as myself so that I may take health risks and financial risks working Full-Time. Today is a confident day for me, and my disabling illnesses make it easier for me to talk more hopefully but not do the walking for jobs. Please make Life EASIER for US Disabled to work Full-Time while keeping our Medicaid, Foods Stamps, SSI, permanent Lifelong Property Tax Cuts, and other safety nets intact and available in case of Life Emergencies. Without my healthcare, I would get even more sicker. Without a job, it would take me YEARS to study in college and university for more credentials for job security, to find another career field, and to find another job to support the High Rents and higher prices.

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