The reason why I can’t meditate into my Zen Buddhist and Hindu Spiritual Peace and Enlightenments, clearing out my chakras and healing the Earth, is because New Jersey Democrats have taxes WAY too big for me as I am disabled, there is no Rent Control and property taxes for Renters and home owners are too big, and I am not allowed by Republican Conservative Fascists to continue my college and university educations from Florida state colleges and Florida state universities with in-state Florida tuition rates that would be much more affordable, as I would be paying bigger taxes for New Jersey’s unfair and poorly trained colleges and universities systems. New Jersey colleges and universities have font sizes in their presentations and lecture notes that are way too small for me, with condensed paragraphs that are not double-spaced like in Florida, that US Disabled find it difficult to pass New Jersey’s discriminating education system and style. Bulleted lists with brief, concise sentences are the way to go. Complex sentences that only Ph.D graduates can interpret is a disability because the Ph.D. graduates must have become mentally disabled that their long, Carl Gustav Junge style sentencings cannot communicate to normal humans, so are therefore illiterates with doctorate degrees.

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