Sergio Mendez KNOWS where ALL THE MISSING KIDS GO! According to my psychic channels and wifi wireless Internet, Sergio Mendez pitches-in and throws Advices and Suggestions on how to escape with the Kidnapped Kids and Teenagers to Cuban Americans Dr. Avelino Carride of FIU Health Clinic, Psychiatrist Dr. Charles Anthony Barrios and his brother/cousin Jorge with golden hair and golden jewelry, Cheechareeta the Obese Golden-haired tanned Capitalist-Communist inheritance heir, Toad like Dolores Umbridge and supporter of Communism like Certified Public Accountants Josephine Fifi Viera and Alexander Viera support Communist Embargoes against Cuban victims of Communist tyranny, and postal Union government worker, bus driver and softball coach – like Nicholas Maduro – Rigoberto Bert Padron who invested time in socializing with other Latin Americans in grooming pedophile, kidnapper and cannibalistic serial killer Julio Hurtado in trying to convert as Gay Godfather Guru to godsons like Derek Padron Hernandez Fuentes Luna into a pedophilia ring with Christopher Andrew Drew Leinonen, Derek Padron’s gay lover and mentor at University of Central Florida dormitories, who as Drew Leinonen shared Julio Hurtado’s Face in him as Julio Hurtado is also known as Gábríél Básúrtó! Sergio Mendez, Julio Hurtado, Rigoberto Bert Padron, Jorge, Cheechareeta, Certified MBA Public Accountant of American Heritage High School Alexander Viera, and Psychiatrist Dr. Charles Anthony Barrios know where a number of missing kids go according to psychic channels and wireless iPhone services. The Kidnappers that work for Shawn Gale Finnimore and her Mountaineer men of O’Canada in Tampa, Florida area, Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio Republican Communists and Russian sympathizers including Dennis the Obese Golden-haired Kidnapper of children, Sergio Mendez, Jorge, and Cheechareeta have GPS Systems on kidnapped children, teenagers and mothers, with ankle bracelets typically used for alcoholics. The Kidnappers including Julia Chia of Aventura Mall parking garage and little car like a Buggie and Mini Cooper, Florida Atlantic University, and Broward Community College rely on Electrical Dog Collars strapped onto kidnapped children’s, kidnapped teenagers’ and kidnapped mothers’ necks to silence the victims. The Kidnappers activate the electric shocks from the Electrical Dog Collars to the kidnapped victims’ necks in each and every individual kidnapping scene if the kidnapped victims don’t do as the kidnappers say, such as hiding under blankets in the kidnappers’ cars and kidnapped victims’ cars, to not show their faces to eyewitnesses while the kidnappers drive by in public to the kidnappers’ buddies’s houses in suburban residential gated communities like Pembroke Falls, Hollywood and Dania Beach in Florida, Hallandale and Palm Beach County in Florida, Weston in Florida with all those tall bushes and hedge mazes, and their Muslim Arabic’s, French Musicians’, and other executioners’, slaughterers’, torturers’, tormenters’, amputationists’, amputators’, and killers’ SOUND-PROOF HOMES where victims SKREAM AS IN SCREAM but none of the neighbours can hear them. Video footages sent to Mafia leaders online are for proofs of killers to get paid.

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