Given that Scandinavians in the United States have had so much Hatred and engaged in Violence against us Asians, His-panics, and other nationalities, I call for Anti-Scandinavianism! All Scandinavians in the United States shall get discriminated against and treated as GARBAGE by other minorities in the United States and internationally, including in China and Latin American countries! Given that Scandinavians have skinned alive innocent Asian boys and Asian girls, Native American Indian boys and girls, His-panic boys and girls, and Black boys and Black girls, Scandinavians shall be skinned alive all over the Earth! Scandinavians shall be publicly executed and LYNCHED in the United States! The Scandinavians in the United States have already dropped two Nuclear Bombs on millions of Japanese boys and Japanese girls, and Japanese grandparents and parents in the millions in Nuclear Holocaust while the Scandinavians from Sweden, Switzerland, Scotland, Belgium, and Germany killed millions of innocent Jewish children, Jewish grandparents and Jewish parents in European Holocaust! The problem that I have with the Muslim Arabs is that the Muslim Arabs attacked His-panics, Asians, Blacks, and other minorities on airplanes and in Twin Towers, not just the Scandinavian Icelandic KKK and Scandinavian Icelandic Nazis!

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