The Italian Mafia, Mobsters and Gangsters with black hair and pale white skin of Ireland and Brussels, of a Ross, Guss, Rossie, or other person with two daughters that stick their tongues out at people, boys and girls from New Brunswick, New Jersey Deli and New York to Miami, Florida in now brownish-yellowish tanned hairs disguised as “Venezuelans,” according to my grandmother and their Nanna caretaker Neida Luisa Fuentes Hernandez, are collaborating, working, teaming, and partnering with Muslim Arab terrorists or gang members of New Jersey and New York, including Poncho Jose Hernandez Viera, Certified Publix Accountant Josephine Fifi Viera’s Cuban-American Muslim Arab brother, who was obese and underwent liposuction surgery transformation who looks like his nephew Marc Marcelo Viera the Florida State University graduate, all ordering hit jobs on me and others who speak out against them. I advocated internment camps and for Anti-Muslim travel bans for our safety.

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