Kaitlin Chieco, police officer Christopher Charles Horst, Noelle O’Brien, and Clinical Psychologist Jennifer Lynn Sladek, of Little Ferry, New Jersey, now have changed their birth names to married names in disguises, disguising their Criminal motives with ever-changing daily facial makeups, have hacked onto my Wifi, computers, iPhones, iPads, and other wireless devices of my own, causing me, a psychiatric outpatient, terror, by using the Body Identifications holographic scanner from terrorist organization Apple, Inc.’s iPhones and iPads of perpetrators and victims.Their goals and motives are to manipulate and cause terror upon innocent schizophrenics to create paranoia upon schizophrenics, to then utilize innocent schizophrenics into shooting innocent peoples in foods stores such as King Soopers and other public places like in Walmarts and other marketplaces. Kaitlin Chieco might be getting paid through a hacking certificate from a college or university. Christopher Charles Horst also of South Carolina is a police officer that enjoys and likes to cause his victims to go through blindness before and while he has his victims captured and tied-down on a chair with a white pillow case over the victims’ heads. I was diagnosed with blindness-causing type 1 self-attacking autoimmune diabetes when I was in Middle school with Chris Horst, Kaitlin Chieco, Noelle O’Brien, Jen Jenna Corrado, Matthew Matt “Egghead” “Eggy” Egizi, Joe Joseph Magro, and Jen Sladek.

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