Jennifer Lynn Sladek, now a Clinical Psychologist, is rumored to have pricked the fingers or claws of a White Dove, to cause bleeding on the Dove, knowing fully well that I used Dove Body Wash and Dove Soaps as hygiene products, and that I would become Type 1 autoimmune self-attack Diabetic as a consequence, after her relatives, schoolmates and classmates from Jenna Corrado at female softball league games to Nicole Oriente, Christopher Charles Horst, Matthew Matt “Egghead” “Eggy” Egizi, Joseph Magro, and others would call me Gay before I ever became Gay and before I reached puberty, in which my sex hormones overwhelmed me with homosexuality enlightenments. Jen Sladek, Jenna Corrado, Joseph Magro, police officer Christopher Charles Horst, Nicole Oriente, and Matthew Matt Egizi might have been trying to plan me in getting infected with HIV/AIDS as a gay child, gay teenager and gay man, spreading it to my innocent hardworking family members so that my family and I would lose our jobs and I would become permanently disabled, the diabetic needle prickings that Accu Chek never invented blood pressure straps to check our diabetic low and high blood sugars with, would spread HIV/AIDS to our communities, country and other countries on Earth internationally and globally. The diabetic low blood sugars and high blood pressures would leave me vulnerable and in danger when walking home from school and in the future in the outdoors such as Boys Scouts, workplaces, and other public places such as the wilderness and forests in which their serial killers could kill me and eat me. Jennifer Lynn Sladek also uses printed photo imageries of myself in yearbook pictures provided by Little Ferry, New Jersey public schools to her (I had to provide my pictures in case I were to go missing and kidnapped, tortured or killed) in her Quilts to then dry me in Downy fabric softeners in laundry drying machines so that I feel soft and tender towards her in Courthouse and then forgive her. Jen Sladek and Jen Corrado both work in healthcare industry, and Nicole Oriente controls mass media as communications major in news channels, newspapers and as other mees sources for her Italian gang members.

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