Certified Public Accountants Josephine Fifi Viera Coca and Alexander Viera, and Alexandra Martinez should admit to Everyone that they have been seeing their Psychiatrists for over 30 years, for the last 30 years, explaining that their Psychiatric medications cause them to be Fat or Obese, instead of working with Psychiatrists across America such as Cuban American Dr. Charles Anthony Barrios and Dr. Svetlana Lana Schwartz in turning me along with half of the 300 million United States Americans Obese with Water Weights or Fat Weights. They are supposed to be, instead of turning Everyone Fat, working with their Psychiatrists for over the last 30 years or longer in taking Prozac and Wellbutrin as Anti-Depressants in lowering fat weights and water weights. #Lawsuits #MartinezFatMafia #VieraFatMafia

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