There are black haired, white skinned, and dark-tanned brown skinned guys and men in short stature who have stabbed boys’, children’s, teenagers’, and adults’ eyes of Greek Socialist Democrat mob from up Northern United States, French gangsters, Greek gangsters, Arabic gangsters, Armenian gangsters, and Muslim gangsters who are spying on my family conversations with my Mother Miriam Marcelina Padron Hernandez Fuentes Luna in our apartment from our computers, Macbooks, Windows PCs, iPhones, and iPads, listening to Everything that I am saying and even thinking as Google the terrorist organization has invented mind-reading technologies and thoughts-reading technologies, planning their killings on me by calling me and referring to me as a “Cheesy Steak” according to my “schizophrenic” thoughts-and-faces channels that are back channels, as I am Yellow Oriental. This is a violation of privacy that these gangsters and mobsters are spying on me through my hacked Ring doorbell cameras, iPhone cameras, and iPad cameras! FBI: SUE APPLE, MICROSOFT and GOOGLE FOR US VICTIMS! This way, lawsuit settlements will pay for Salaries of FBI Agents and US Victims! What I think about without verbalizing my thoughts have shown-up on my iPhones’ and iPads’ advertisements.

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