Universal Basic Incomes are only possible if we Cut Taxes for Banks that can hand us humans more cash… Remember: the lower the taxes, the more Banks are created to hand us humans cash. There are more Banks supporting us humans than One Government alone in trillions of dollars in debts. #LiberalCapitalisms What happened with the Gays during Socialist Barack Obama and Joe Biden Stone Age was that the tax increases and tax cuts expirations where Rich Capital Gains Tax Cuts had expired, causing Anti-HIV/AIDS medications to skyrocket in prices, killing many Gay men seeking Rights and Liberties from the Socialist Democrat Party, Socialists Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden, and the Kamala Harris. Also, jobs were lost, like with my former employer Borders Books and Music bookstores chain that had promoted Barack Obama’s books, whereby Barack Obama killed Borders employees and employers when he raised taxes and allowed the Rich Capital Gains Tax Cut to expire on Borders Books and Music and their manufacturers, business partners and publishing companies that had given us Free Speeches, causing our Free Speeches to go down the drain.

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