EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Hasse, a former Indian Ridge Middle School teacher of Davie, Florida is connected by family and by Order to Seattle Socialist Democrats and Spokane Socialist Democrats who are Wizards and experts in Remote Viewing from Washington State, with the Californian Wiccan Witches, and other gangs who can spy; be stalking voices in heads, spiritually and astrally “taste” their victims’ tongues, teeth, mouthes, gums, and saliva; grab women’s breasts as “Ghosts” from far away into victims’ homes; and gain an appetite to cannibalize, eat and devour their future victims. A Pathfinder-like car with Washington State license plate in Lakes at Pembroke Apartments community proved this Dangerous Terrorist Cult lives nearby where I live. They the dangerous wizards work in Psychiatry and Psychology as psychotherapists and psychoanalysts. The wizards collaborate and team with police officer Chris Mendez of Miami-Dade and Weston, Florida and his Electrician father Sergio Mendez in grabbing women victims’ breasts, hack onto iPhones and iPads to give death threats through Colombian Cartel Singer Carlos Vives iTunes songs and other musics, and in jacking-up phone lines to cause suicides among children, teenagers, mothers, the retired elderly, and the disabled. Sergio Mendez, Chris Mendez, Alexandra Martinez, Maria Conchita Martinez, Michele Martinez, and Miguel Martinez call themselves Cubans in USA but are really Colombians tied to Colombian Mafia. The Seattle and Spokane Socialist Democrat Wizards are WHITE pale skin and black hair, wear eyeglasses and are tall and thin/scrawny, and are capable of painting their skins COMPLETELY BLACK to break-into an obese Black woman and her obese Black son’s apartment unit to collect files and possessions, as though they were Government workers cracking a case on a former Corrections Officer. Seattle Democrat Wizards leak cyanide and sleeping gases through laundry vents in hallways to automatically kill victims and their pets inside apartments!

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