There are no more Ideas left from Hollywood Studios of California anymore. No more new ideas. All we’ve got is the torturous and tormentuous repeats of Batmans and Robins, Superman, Wonder Woman, and la misma mierda, the same old shit of Warner Brothers and their black-haired white-skinned gang members of Chicago! Come up with something new! Watching Superman, Charmed, our families and loves ones getting resurrected from their graves after deaths to reunite with us fully healed and healthy, babies as fetuses healing their mothers’ wounds and bruises on their mothers’ arms, Longevity vaccines that could last us 10 billion humans to live as long as 3,000 years in lifespans, Back to the Future, and other Scientific shows and movies of the Future will land us in the Shrinks’ Offices and Psychiatric wards! Warner Brothers should get SUED in Courts by Psychiatric patients for causing mass hysteria and no, Psychiatrists don’t believe in wireless Internets nor computers whispering back to us, nor Cyber hackings, and not even Invisible Armies, Invisible Police Officers, September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks in the future, Radio waves, Invisible serial killers, and other sciences and technologies!

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