Please contact and work with the US Department of Education in making ALL SUMMER SEMESTERS MANDATORY FOR ALL K-12 STUDENTS EVERY YEAR, including for Regular classes, Honors classes, and Advanced Placement classes, as September (as in September 11th), Halloween October, and most Fall and Winter months, are dangerously nightful for kids and teenagers, with slayings and torturings! More kids go missing and die in Fall and Winter months. February, March, April, May, June, July, and August are safer months as there is more daylight and killers are less likely to attack in broad daylight, and police officers and search teams and more likely to find the missing kids in Spring and Summer months. Please improve and change work laws with US Department of Labor so that US Disabled FBI Tippers and DEA Tippers can earn income in keeping our jobs and not lose our jobs for Tipping to FBI, NSA, Customs and Border Security, DEA, and CIA. US Tippers cannot afford expensive attorneys to keep our jobs and Conservative Republicans and President George W Bush are against Labor Unions because US Disabled are too slow in keeping our jobs.

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